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Monday, August 27, 2012

Pastors and Pain Part II

Every Month, 3,000 Pastors leave the Ministry, meaning that every month, 3,000 churches are left shepherd less. Paul's warning becomes very real at this time when he warned the Ephesian Elders that when he leaves wolves will come to devour the flock and weirdos will rise up and try to take control of the church. (Acts 20:29-30)

This could happen to any church at any time as Satan is working over time to destroy the Shepherd. (Matt 26:31) So knowing the Pain of Pastoring, let me encourage you with five things that will keep Him strong in the Lord and Loving Life.

#1 Help Your Pastor Pursue Jesus
A Pastors job is not 9-5, it never shuts off. Not because he can't but won't. We are constantly pursuing Jesus. We want to know Him more that we can help you know Him more. We want to love Him more so that we can help you love Him more. This is a 24 hour a day process for us and if done right takes time.

But if we are doing other things we are not pursuing Jesus.

How can you help your Pastor Pursue Jesus?

Take care of the Physical work of the Church. (Acts 6:4)

The building projects.
Take care of the maintenance of the building. The broken things, the dirty things, the new things.
A building ought to represent the body, meaning that the way we show physical respect of the building is the way we show spiritual respect to the body (the church).

The body projects.
Take care of each other, minister to each other, love each other.
A healthy body is one where the whole body cares for the whole body.

This gives your Pastor time to pray and prepare messages
It allows him time to meditate on Jesus rather than mediate men.
It allows him time to study about Jesus rather than saw a board.
It allows him time to survey the community rather than steady the church.

If your Pastor is allowed to pursue Jesus every week it can only mean greater things for everyone.

Tomorrow we will talk about another way to help your Pastor but don't move forward until you do all you can to do #1.

Have an Awesome Day

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