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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Pastors and Pain Part 5

We have talked over the last few days about how to Help your Pastor and today is no exception. In fact this one is a big one for him.

Bring new people to church

There is nothing more exciting for a Pastor than the opportunity to share the Love of Jesus with a new face. Its not that there is anything wrong with the old faces but really our call is to find people far from God and when we have that opportunity it is so exciting. So how can you help in Bringing new people to church?

#1 Introduce them to the Pastor Personally.
He wants to know them and the best way is for YOU to personally introduce. This helps the pastor by allowing him to rely on your relationship to both of you in building a relationship with that new person.

#2 Explain the Pastor to them Personally.
Sit with them in their first sermon and help them understand who the Pastor is. It is easy to get offended at the work of God and so its important for them to know when I am serious and why, when I am joking, why we do we do. Help them know the Pastor.
and if your going to bad mouth him or excuse his behavior. Don't invite anyone as you have deeper issues that don't need to destroy the work of God.

#3 Allow the Pastor to Minister to them Personally.
Don't be jealous if the person you bring to church begins to spend time with the Pastor.
Don't be controlling of that person unless you meant to invite them to YOU and not Jesus. Let the Pastor love them his way, let the Pastor learn their needs and minister to them as he is led.

Anyone who comes to a Church will need to know the Pastor. Help him know them when you bring them.

Bring new people to Church
Love the Bride (Church)
Encourage the Pastors Call
Let the Pastor Pusue Jesus

Tomorrow is the Last one, get ready

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