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Monday, August 13, 2012

A Letter to newLife from PRob

Hey newlife there are a few things that I want to share to start your week with.

#1 Prayer on Thursday was the best prayer meeting I have ever been involved in.
You were passionate about not only "what" you were praying for, but "who" you were praying with.

#2 Yesterday was Awesome as so many stepped up to take ownership of their church. I can't wait to see how God uses you for doing so.

#3 There are a couple of men whom God is burning a fire in and its spreading quickly. I can't wait for Sunday afternoon.

But more important that what has happened and what is happening is what will happen when the people of God become more Christ like and less Crowd like.

I can't wait for Thursday!

Have a GREAT Day

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  1. Thursday was awesome, I felt as if I was totally free and not hindered in anyway to worship and pray as if it were just me and Jesus in the room, it was totallay awesome praying with those you love and who love you, one lady came forward with tears running down her face and just poured out how lonely her life had been, WOW for her to feel so free to share this and then pour her heart out to Jesus, this is what its all about, I felt that worship was real, awesome night Pastor, SJ