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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Pastors and Pain Part 3

If the first step in helping your Pastor is to help him pursue Jesus, the next is a little more personal. While his pursuit of Jesus will benefit you, the next one protects him.

If you want to help your Pastor, Encourage His call to Ministry.

There is not a day that goes by, especially Mondays, where a Pastor does not wonder if he is doing the right thing. He might have an amazing Sunday but focus on the one negitive that happened causing him to think that he should quit.

This is Satans Plan, Smite the Shepherd and the Sheep will scatter. If he can get 3,000 pastors to quit every month there is a lot of confused and scared sheep out there.

So how can you encourage a Pastors call? Let me start with what not to do.
Do not tell him he is awesome. He knows better.
Do not tell him to stick it out. He will feel trapped.
Do not take him to lunch. He will get fat.

Temporary feelings of adequacy are waisted in a Spiritual Battle. Satan will just turn your good words into pride and soon the Pastor will fall.

So how can you encourage his call.

#1 Trust His Leadership.
I am not saying "Drink the Juice" but if the Pastor has given you no reason to not believe his leadership, you have no reason not to.

The problem is some people are not trusting people and many others see things through the pain of thier past or they have thier own agendas.

I am grateful for the many people who have trusted me through some very difficult transformations though they may not have fully understood why, they can see the truth is where God is moving me to move us.

#2 Try to follow His lead.
The messages that your Pastor brings every week is one that he beleives God has led him to give to you. Don't say good message try to live it. Try to do something with what God gave him.
Nothing encourages a Pastor more than to see you applying the truths God has given Him.

#3 Talk to Him with Respect.
If the Pastor has shown evidence of Gods call in his life, you might want to be careful how you talk to him. DAvid was careful with how He dealt with the Lords man, Elisha showed the dangers of disrespect towards a man of God. The Pastors call is a special one and worthy of great respect.

He is not your buddy, though he is your friend.
He is not your puppet to manipulate, though he is moved by your needs.
He is not your stepping stone to God, though he ought to be closer to Him than you.

Every week as a Pastor seeks to Follow Jesus, he seeks others who are seeking Him too. And when we find them, we find encouragement in the call of God.

#1 Help Him Pursue Jesus
#2 Encourage him in his Call from Jesus.

Do these two things and you will help eliviate the Pain a Pastor feels.


  1. Thank you for the insight this morning Pastor, I think sometimes we do or not do some of these things without even realizing it, sometimes we take our Pastor for granted. The nice thing about your blog is it tells us who read them how you are feeling and what your trying to teach us, and I know for me personally it helps in how we can encourage and pray for you. Thank you for all you do SJ.

  2. got your back !!