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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

A New Beginning

Have you ever really thought about the amazing people that God puts in your life through the Church?
I mean really looked at them and just thought how amazing it was that God put us together?

I go through an exercise every week in my prayer life that I would encourage everyone of you to do.

1. I have a list of people to pray for. (it keeps me mindful of them)

2. I look down at that list looking for all of the people that bring a smile to my face.

 People who just bring me Joy to see their name.
 People who have ministered to me by their love.
 People who have spoke truth into my life that week.
 People who make me laugh.
 and I thank God for them.
 and then I try to text or call them to let them know how blessed I have been by them.

3. I look down at the list looking for the people who are in need.

People I know that are going through a hard time.
People I know are struggling with faith, family, finances, feelings, failures.

and I ask God to use me to encourage them, to sacrifice for them, to Love them.

4. I look down at the list looking for the people I do not like.

 People who have wronged me.
 People who have betrayed me.
 People who have hurt me.
and I ask God to forgive me for feeling that way.
and I ask God to open an opportunity for me to set things right with them.

We must realize that even Judas had a purpose in the work of God.

5. I look down at the list looking for people I don't know very well.
New People.
Distant People.
Angry people.

I never want anyone to feel alone and so if I get to know them, at least they know someone!
If it don't, I may miss out on an opportunity of a lifetime.

By doing so, it keeps my heart in a place of truly loving others as I am not only thinking about people, but acting upon those thoughts.

Everyday God gives me a new opportunity to show Love, How Awesome is that?

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