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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

A Letter from Pastor Andy to newLife

I have to admit, I am a little sceptical and maybe even fearful, but I actually think we might be growing up as a Church.
I know it sounds as if I am faithless but when you drive the same road for 40 + years its a little strange to see something different on your journey.

What am I seeing that makes me feel this way?
     Fantastic testimonies from people who love God.
     Families working THROUGH their problems rather than creating Bigger Ones.
     Faith being lived out in the lives of church members.
     Faces of Happy Christians who choose to come to church.
     and dare I say it, Followers of Jesus Christ.

and while there is a Fear of God, it comes from respect and honor due to His work in our hearts.

Oh there are still some room for improvement, but it seems as if we are finally on the other side. Maybe, just maybe, God will allow us to leave the desert so many of us have been in to enter into that Promised Land where every week Souls will be saved, Baptisms will occur, and lives, our lives included will be forever changed by the Love of God through Jesus Christ.

What do You See for 2010?

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