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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

A Letter from Pastor Andy to newLife

Can you believe that our year is about over? It seems as if the older I get the shorter they get!

Today I wanted to share a few things from last week that I think sums our year up pretty good.

#1 The Christmas Service was Awesome. We had a great number of people attend, the spirit was amazing, and the fact that people wanted to worship our Savior that night just sums up that people do LOVE GOD!

#2 Found People do Find People! Many of the visitors who came, came solely because someone invited them. Our willingness to be like Jesus even when we are uncomfortable with it only shows that the Gospel has become important again.

#3 Saved People Serve People! Can I say THANK YOU enough! They came early on Christmas eve, they worked hard on Christmas eve, because they LOVE PEOPLE on Christmas Eve!

#4 Sunday's Service was Awesome but Strange. I guess it shows the depth of the changes in our church when most of those in attendance were people who just started attending our church in the last six months. And they WANTED TO BE THERE.

#5 We are going into our Third Year of Transition as a Church and God is challenging us in new ways to take us to deeper levels with Him. I believe that this will be our most productive year as a church and that our love for Him and others will only grow. He has never asked us to play it safe, don't plan on it this year.

#6 I will be entering my 14th year as a Pastor and it has not been easy. The first five were chaos, the next seven were costly (Debra's accident), and the last two or so have been transitionally difficult. BUT I HAVE NEVER FELT SO MUCH HAPPINESS IN MY LIFE! God has filled me with Hope, encouraged me with Help (Prayer), and given me a vision of Heaven! To say I am excited about 2011 is an understatement.

#7 Last, but not in any way the least. We have in our midst for the first time in my church life, mature disciples who love this church as much as I. THEY want to SERVE. THEY want to SACRIFICE. THEY want to SEE HIM. And this can only mean that THEY are going to have a break our year.

Thank you for an awesome year 2010. As our Theme stated, we wanted to be known by God and I think that has happened.

Have an awesome day newLife!

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