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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The Danger of Distractions

Last night as I was headed home from a wonderful time sharing the gospel with a new family, I had a wake up call while Driving the back roads.
I was so busy rejoicing that I almost (due to excessive speed) missed a turn. It was close enough to really scare me.
I have driven this road at least a thousand times in my life, yet on this night I was distracted by my excitement over people coming to know Christ.

Our church has been through a lot of changes in the past four years and each one of them come with distractions.

Practical changes.
        We simply decided that we were not going in the right direction as a Church.

Practice Changes
         We went from a busy church to a Simple Church.
          Loving God and Loving  Others is our Practice.

Personal Changes
         There is not one of us that hasn't been changed by God in these last four years.
         Whether through trial or triumph, we are different.

and this year,
Personnel Changes.
         In the last four years, the people that God has given us are different than before.
         But this year, it just seems we have more of them.
                  They are more concerned with Love than Law.
                  They are more upbeat about life.
                  They are more excited about Jesus and His word.

The danger of all these changes is getting distracted from what we are doing and then allowing those distractions to put us in the ditch.

And while there are many distractions we face, the one I see right now is the distraction of people.
We must never forget that the Christian live involves people. In fact without people the Christian life is nothing. (John 3:16)

For some of us this means we must learn to get along with new personalities.
For others it means we must open up to new relationship possibilities.
For all of us it means that we must work hard at loving people we don't know, forgiving their differences, finding ways to work together, and seeing the benefit of God adding to the Church.

Its not like we have not been down this road a thousand times, but every time we must be aware to keep our eyes on the Road (the Word of God)
But if we are not careful, we will allow the little distractions to wreck what God is doing in our lives.

and since were all out of Blogging Shape, I have an all Skate Question.

What has been Distracting you?

I look forward to your comments.

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