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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Why Forgiveness

This is a question asked so very often.
Why do I need to forgive?
Usually followed by the statements, they hurt me, they don't deserve it, I want them to feel what I feel.

The answer is simple.
Unforgiveness is not a good life to live.
     It makes you bitter not better.
     It makes you negative not positive.
     It makes you angry not happy.

To not forgive is to carry the pasts pains into the present.
It becomes a burden, a weight, and not on the one who hurt you, but you yourself.

Forgiveness allows us to be free from that weight. When we forgive we not only release someone of a debt they cannot pay, but it releases us to move forward in our lives.
It frees YOU from what THEY did.

Forgiveness brings you life from death, hope from hurt, and happiness from hell.

Why not forgive today and live?


  1. From personal experience I can say I wasted a lot of time being angry and hurt by someone who could never understand the pain they had caused me... and when I finally let it go when I finally gave it to God my life was totally different I was able to love and trust other people I was able to express my feelings like I had never been able to before.

  2. I know that I understand why forgiveness, it's the how I struggle with.

  3. Your no different than most. We are going to continue the discussion but this process takes more than a mear explanation. Over the next three services we hope to not only provide answers but actual inspiration to forgive.ill be praying for you.

  4. Sometimes it start with recognizing the emotion. Forgiveness for the pain, forgiveness for the heartache, forgiveness for the "it is not fair" If we break it down into parts one day at a time you can be free. Sometimes it is a process that can even start with telling God you want to and don't know how. Sometimes it is a daily thing until it is done... Forgiveness set me FREE!!! Unlocking the prison door to life! I am so glad that God meets us where we are and he understands everything! I cant wait to hear these next 3 services!! It is going to be life changing!