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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

A Letter from PRob to newLife

We will continue this discussion of Order on Thursday night at church but I wanted to mention a couple of things today.

#1 People are Hurting. All Over. Lost Jobs, Lonely Relationships, Last Opportunities. Things just don't look hopeful.

#2 People are Hating. It amazes me how much hatred there is towards others. Husbands and wives, Parents and children, Christians and non alike. People are struggling to like each other let alone love each other.

#3 People are Hindering. Even when a church tries to love people, there are those who get in the way. The judgmental Christian, the angry church member, the complaining corrector of all that is not done their way. It makes even the most loving of Christian want to quit.

But we are in no different of a day than when our Savior Jesus lived.
People were hurting then, people were hating then, and people were hindering then, but Jesus did something we need to be reminded of.

Jesus gave his life so that those hurting could be healed, those who hated feel loved, those hindering be without Excuse and hanging from that Cross Jesus cried out.......

Father forgive them for they know not what they do.

We as a church ought to have that thought in us as we minister to the hurting, hating, and hindering believing that their only hope is Jesus.

So today instead of being upset or frustrated at the pain and problems of people, try to forgive them, love them, and ignore them (the hinderers - remember the gates of hell cannot stop the church) and they will be without excuse.

Who needs your love today?

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  1. Yes! That is called moving in the opposite spirit to what is coming against you!! That is where growth happens! That is where your upgrade in the spirit happens. That is where you get to learn more about God and HIS nature! Deny yourself pick up your cross and follow him. Sometimes you have to make the choice to DO IT. Then before you know it, it becomes what you do not because you have to but because you want to! Satan wants us to focus on the negative but God has put provision in the situation and we have to be a people that wants to look for it and not get lost in the situation.