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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Organization vs Order Part One

Last Thursday night I shared with the church a message that I believe is going to open us up to amazing things for God in regards to faith. One of those things, Order over Organization is one of the greatest of those things. And so this morning I want to talk about this a little to give a more clearer understanding.

Let me open by saying this, Organization can destroy faith, but order encourage it.

Organization in this context is mans attempt to control a God thing.
This is similar to that of religion and is seen in many faith practices.
But what organization creates is a false sense of a faith relationship hidden beneath some empty God experiences.

Order on the other hand allows for the movement of God and gives man opportunity to flow with it. With order there is no chaos. No confusion. All that is happening has purpose and even a plan. That which is natural to God occurs and we simply move with Him by faith.

Over the next few days we will explore this thought further to hopefully encourage a deeper more meaningful faith experience to those connected with newLife.


  1. "Man's attempt to control a God thing..." so true... when you talked about this last Thursday, I was reminded of a painful comment by the Pastor that married me and Newt.. years ago I had run into him one night at a multi-church gathering and asked him to pray for me and Newt and that God would restore our marriage...he looked at me and said "It has been my experience that these things never work out".. he crushed me by that comment... and I have often wondered how he will respond to God when he meets Him face to face some day...

  2. I was also told that certain things in my life would be better off washed under the bridge of a learning experience and simply move on, creating a new life with someone else, other than Khristie. Gods order certainly was worth the fight. Gods order was certainly worth the tears and uncertainties and the fears. Gods order put into order my organized counsel from a very organized and religious man. Needless to say, I will put much stock into NewLife and the future we can all expect from a loving and faithful God!

  3. Mans attempt to think "HE" needs to control and have understanding can put the Spirit almost OUT! There was a great move of God in my life, I trusted God for the next step everyday. There were days when I did not know what that looked like but I simply trusted. Sometimes we want explanation where there is none and wont be. Kenny and I had everything going against us "BUT GOD" HE is more than enough willing and able. We spent our entire walk in organization. I am amazed every time I set foot in New Life there is no religion JUST LOVE!

    One thing I have learned is there is a cost to everything. Will we be willing to pay the price to see a great move of God. The cost will be to let go of OUR understanding and give God room to move!