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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

One more Letter to those who serve at newLife

Yesterday as I was at the church working on a couple of projects, I was pleasantly surprised at the number of people who came in through the church doors to serve while no one else was there. One was helping with the filing, one was cleaning up the children's ministry, one was looking for their Life Group paperwork, and another came to help me for just a moment on his lunch break. And this happens every day. People who love the Lord, serving the Church.

Romans 12 speaks of this person. They are the ones who give their bodies to God. Who daily are engaged in Spiritual worship. The Gifted who use their gifts not for their own profit but the profit of the kingdom. They don't pretend to love others, they do, but without compromising good in the process. These amazing people seek to love each other and honor each other.

And while I do not think this of them, I think that its important to speak of Romans 12:11....

Never be lazy in your work, but serve the Lord enthusiastically

"Never/Do not" means that this truth Paul is speaking of isn't a part of a submissive Christians DNA. You would never want to be known as whatever he is about to say.

"Be Lazy" Really, you want me to explain this? How lazy can we be? lol

"in your work" Remember the context of Romans 12

"but serve the Lord" The answer to the above statement.

"Enthusiastically" Some versions say "Fervent" meaning to boil over.

Let me share a few things today that might encourage those who serve.

#1 Laziness in your ministry can come from many places but I believe its base comes from one in particular.  Selfishness. (FYI: not a fruit of the Spirit)

#2 Laziness in your ministry can be the result of placing the value of the Lords work behind the value of other work. Not that there are not other things we have to do, but I am speaking of how our heart places value on those things.

#3 Laziness in your ministry can come from a lukewarmness to God. I have never seen warm water boil and Ive never seen a lukewarm Christian be anything but lazy.

#4 Laziness usually results in you blaming the ministry for your Laziness.

Jesus spoke of a Lazy man in Matthew 25 who sat on his talent and then blamed God for his laziness and ended up alone and empty. Laziness is easy to fall into, but once there, its hard to be enthusiastic about getting out.

I do not think that you are Lazy, but I know how easy it is to begin to let things slide.
If you are there, please see your Team Leader or one of the Pastors and let us encourage you through it. and in case you haven't heard it lately, thank you for serving.

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