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Monday, May 12, 2014

5 Things I loved about Mothers day

I know we are in the middle of a study but I can't go on without saying how happy my mothers day was. So let me give you five things that made it so special.

1. I am Happy because of Faithful mothers who set aside their day to teach children about the value of the Church over themselves.

2. I am Happy because of the Amazing worship God received from the hearts of so many mothers.

3. I am Happy because of the testimony of mothers who have suffered pain in raising their child and at the end of the day struggle to lift themselves up to even get into bed, but you are still able to raise their hands in praise to your Heavenly father.

4. I am Happy because of the Love Mothers expressed to each other by praying for each other. I am never wearing mascara to church again!

5. I am Happy because I know that the women of our church went out of their way to make sure those who are not mothers for whatever reason, still felt loved.

It has been four years since we came up with "I Love My Life" and every year its meaning gets deeper.

Thank you Ladies for a wonderful day

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