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Thursday, May 22, 2014

The Ties that Bind

When Debra and I first met back in 1983 our way of communicating was way different than today. Back then, Phones had cords and to speak to each other you had to be close to another phone because of the cord. In my home the cord was really long and not only kept you close but you could easily get wrapped up in it.

If I wanted to message Debra during the day I would have to write her a note, and deliver it to her either through the post office or in person. Since I was working in the woods I would often write her notes on whatever I had (even a dollar bill) and then at the end of the day present it to her letting her know I was thinking about her.

Yet, She never complained that I didn't call her right back. Nor did she sit around waiting for my messages made of texts. Face time was when I saw her, Facebook was her photo album of her life, and twitter was how birds spoke to me while I was waiting to see her.

That is not true today. A Phone call can be anywhere anytime and is expected to be immediately answered. Messages are instant and continuous and are expected to be immediately responded to. Facebook has become an album of your life that is constant and demands immediate likes and Twitter lets the world know what your thinking every moment of every moment.

I am not saying that these are bad things at all, but they have created an attitude of immediate response. We are becoming a people who think that if ten minutes goes by and there is no LIKEING of whatever you posted there must be something wrong with you or them.

Whats the problem? This is not how God communicates with us and yet because we expect it with Humans we expect it with God.

And this is why People struggle to pray more than a few minutes a day. When God does not pick up, text back, Like our page, or read our tweets immediately we think something is wrong.

and there is, Its our Perspective.

God does not communicate the way we do. He does not care about our need for instant, continuous, and self gratifying responses to our calls.

He is God.
How does God tell us to communicate with Him? What should we expect in Prayer?

Psalm 46:10 (ESV)  “Be still, and know that I am God.

The two commands are important.

Be Still ~ Wait
and know that I am God ~ Watch

God hears and answers our prayers (communication with Him) But He does so in His time. A time that I believe more similar to when Debra and I were dating. Face to Face

God has no interest in meeting our need for instant gratification ~ But He does want us to have a relationship with Him based upon trust and faith that even though I have prayed and He has not answered, He will meet with me.

We just need to be still and know, He is God

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