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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Fear is a Drain, Faith is a Filler

When it comes to doing ministry, no one was more successful than Jesus Himself. For three years Jesus invested himself into others lives. The Disciples were encouraged, served, taught, and when Jesus was done, they reached THOUSANDS with the Gospel.

In fact what Jesus started was so effective that even today it prospers in our own lives.
2,000 years is a pretty good run.

How did Jesus have such a successful ministry? I mean if most pastors who begin ministry do not end their ministry well, and most Christians who begin serving God so full of faith and excitement end their years sitting in a pew. What have we missed?
What was not translated to us through the last 2,000 years that has caused such a switch.

What did Jesus do and teach that we are not? How did Jesus live with the demands and stress of ministry without becoming depressed and over stressed? Where did Jesus get His strength from, the depth of compassion, wisdom to make right decisions, and the power to do miracles?

Its simple. Jesus filled up before He poured out. While we are always running on a quarter tank. He never ran on the edge.

Have you ever done that with your car? I remember in the Storm of 2007 when Astoria lost power for days and you couldn't get out of town. My truck had a quarter tank of gas. I was panicked because I knew I could not get far and yet I still had to go places and with every mile I could feel the fear drain me emotionally. I know of people who always run their vehicle on a quarter tank and their always looking for a gas station. There is nothing more fearful than running out of fuel in the desert on a Harley. Once your out your walking.

Is that what you are doing with your ministry? With your Life? Are you constantly stressed as you live on the edge of an empty tank. Wondering what happens when it all runs out?

While we will discuss the way of Life that Jesus taught for success tomorrow, I would love to see you seriously consider this thought.

Are you currently living your life and ministry on a quarter tank? Are you going as far and giving as much as you can but wondering how long you can go without running empty?

Pray and let God know that your tired of being tired. Let Him know that fear of failure is draining you. Let Him know, Your Ready to be Filled.

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  1. Pastor Andy,
    I am so thankful that God spoke through you in this blog today. I really needed it and I've been sobbing through it each time I have read it. I am so tired of always running out of gas in life and having that fear that I am going to fail. I want to live comfortably in faith and trust in Him but I'm also tired of being tired as you said. Today I lift this entire blog up in prayer as it has been a huge encouragement to me today, thank you.