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Thursday, May 15, 2014

Dull Boys are Troubled Men Continued....

As the saying goes, "All work and no Play makes Andy a Dull Boy". The Play in the saying and the play that I am thinking of is a little different but the point is the same.
Play is a part of life that makes life worth living and really is a part of what allows our bodies and minds to rest. Jesus understood the value of this rest. Lets continue in Mark

Mark 6:45-46

In this passage we find Jesus sending his disciples across the sea in a boat while He goes up to a Mountain to pray. This filling  gave Jesus time to connect to the vine (God) to prepare Him for what was next. A Storm in which endangered His apostles and the strength to walk out on the water to save them.

Mark 9:2-13

Jesus took some of His closest men up with Him on a spiritual retreat. There they saw the Majesty and beauty of the mountain, they talked as they walked, they prayed. Then Jesus went ahead a ways to pray and the men saw Jesus engaged in a conversation with Moses and Elijah and then Jesus Himself was Changed before them. This experience with Jesus changed them forever.

Mark 14:12-13

Its funny but I have missed this for years. Too busy in the work to enjoy a simple meal. But even this Last supper was important for the success of what was to come. The conversation, the food, the laughter, the singing, the lesson, and communion prepared them for the cross. A day that forever changed them and us.

Mark 14:32-42

Jesus again took His most trusted friends into a quiet place to prepare for the next day. While the disciples fell asleep a little early, Jesus prayed through the night. There in Prayer, Jesus surrendered His will to the work God had called Him to. Gathering strength from His heavenly father Jesus could now face the beatings, the mockings, his friends forsaking him, and the cross. Without Jesus Filling Up with God, He could never pour Himself Out.

Jesus was successful in ministry because He understood the value of the Vine Connection. Because of this constant filling He was fully capable of pouring out all He had for others.

Troubled men (women) come from never filling up but always pouring out. If you want to be a successful man or women, father or mother, friend or Christian, you must get into the rhythm of filling up with God.

Let me close this thought out with a few suggestions.

Get Alone with God before anything else
Turn off all electronics (cell phones empty you of life)
Pray, think, dream.
Bring a friend once in a while to bounce prayers and thoughts off of each other.
Make sure that your full of God before you become empty of You

and Finally ~ Repent of Living on a quarter tank of God. It is wrong to think that as a follower of Jesus we would even try to do His work in our power.

Have a Great Day

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  1. This has been a great mini-series Pastor.... and exactly what we need as we prepare for the amazing things God has for this church with the Encounter!