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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A Letter to newLife from Pastor A

Souls being Saved never gets old, seeing people get baptized never gets old, having people desire to be a part of our church body never gets old and knowing that the work that we do results literally in people ending up in heaven never gets old.

Lets not let it get old.
Every soul that is saved through your labors ought to be just as exciting as your own.
Every soul that joins our church through your love ought to be just as exciting as when you joined.
Every prayer, every person, every sermon, every song ought to be as awesome as the best you have ever experienced.

Why? because in Christ we are new Creatures Old things are passed away!

Live today as if its a new day.
A new day to Worship - It helps that its a beautiful day outside!
A new day to Witness - God is always working on hearts, shouldn't we?
A new day to Win - Christians are Victorious - Just bring your battles to God in prayer!

Live it, as if it just happened today!

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  1. This is so cool... every Sunday I leave thinking, "wow, this was awesome" and sometimes wondering if we will reach a limit, I mean "awesome" can't continually be exceeded, right? But we ARE new every morning, so yes with each new Sunday, the message, music, worship, fellowship CAN be more awesome than the week before and there IS no end to how awesome things can get! Exciting!!!