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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A Letter from Pastor A to newLife

I have to admit, I was a little broken hearted on Sunday.
I loved the message. Its a theme for me right now.
Gods Love is Clean, Committed, and Christian.
The power of that is overwhelming! and I can see why so many people wanted to follow Him. Especially those whose lives were so messed up.
His love offers so much.
But Broken Hearted? Yea, many who needed to hear it, were gone. Especially the teens.

But my broken heart was healed by a meeting Debra and I had with a young couple who have been coming as of late. They are amazing people whose lives have been ruined by sin. At lunch they opened up their lives to us, shared their pain and needs all because they felt loved by our church. And it hit me.

The message from Sunday has become Cultural. It really is a part of our church philosophy.We are offering a clean, committed, Christ like love to those who are seeking it. Loving others has become foundational to us. Its no longer a theory or a thought, but a truth that lives within us. And every week, no matter who misses what, gets to experience that message from our church body!

We are not judgemental, angry, name calling, hateful Baptists. We are not Pharisaical in judging the outward, but spiritual by loving the inward.

Thank you newLife for restoring my hope in Christianity.
Thank you newLife for loving as you have been loved.
Thank you newLife for bearing the fruit of the Spirit.

I love you!

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