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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A Letter from Pastor A to newlife Church

God is Amazing.
Absolutely Amazing.

Sunday Morning God blessed us in several ways.

1. Tosha came to worship with us!!!!!
Just a few weeks ago she was so close to death, so scared of what her future held, yet, God Healed her broken body and she came to worship with us. It was incredible to see her. To God be the Glory.

2. Nate and Kim joined our Church!!!
Its funny but God chose people to be windows into the faith. Nate and Kim have been that window for her parents Rick and Chris as well as Brother in law and sister Chris and Alexis. They saw the difference in Kim when she started attending our church and had to check it out. The rest is His Story! They currently live in Jewel and travel one hour just to come to be with us. AMAZING people!

3. Alexis finally got to join our church!!!
Alexis gave a life changing testimony on Thursday night that if you get a chance listen to on celebration or just ask her. She's an amazing young lady who has already touched our hearts in so many ways.

4. Joe's Big Blessing!!!
Joe Jasper has been a faithful member of this church for years as well as a faithful testimony of Christ through his work place. A few months ago, one of his coworkers Kia trusted Christ as his savior through the testimony of Joe. And that was awesome. Then Kia and his wife took the step of Baptism and Joined the church. Then, Kia's son and daughter trusted Christ as their savior because of the testimony of Kia. And then this Sunday, Forrest, Kia's Son was Baptized. Joe, your faith and faithfulness is being blessed, Thank you!!

5. Thursdays Life Stories made a major difference.
You can always tell when a service is moving when the next day you could spend hours cleaning up the Kleenex off of the auditorium floor.
People were touched by you, because you have been touched by Jesus. Awesome.

6. New Faces as well.
It was great to see Randy and Jennifer singing with us as well as Brittney's special. It was exciting to see Rick working the sound booth, as well as Kia taking offerings. People getting involved in the lives of people is a healthy Christianity and leads to a growing people.

We are leading up to an amazing year. Lets make sure that Jesus is the theme and Souls are the focus. Anything else is selfish.!

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