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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Getting Old Sucks

I am in a battle today.
My body though only 47 is fighting against itself.
I am sitting at my desk trying to find that perfect balance.

My eyes are getting bad so I am wearing Glasses to read and work.
To see I have to almost sit on the computer screen to read clearly, even with glasses. This would not be a problem if my belly was not pushing my keyboard away from my hands. And when I find that perfect balance I can only hold it for so long before my back hurts and I have to move.
So picture my head and neck leaning in to read, my hands reaching out to type and my back against the chair. Can you say, Uncomfortable?

Following Jesus for an older Christian can be the same.
As a new Christian it was so easy as everything was so new and exciting.
We were willing to give up everything just to know Him more.
There was no uncomfortable position as our newly freed lives made everything feel so good.

But then we matured. Our faith got a little stretched out and it was harder to see what God was doing. Our eyes have been blurred by our fears.

Our lives got a little fuller and it increased our size dramatically making it harder to reach out to meet the needs of others. We struggle to sacrifice like we did when we were young in the faith.

And we can't carry as much as we once did. We want comfort, our backs just can't support others problems and needs. We have needs too you know.

and the worst part about getting old is, we care less for those we can help the most.
Our pains and problems become more important to us and so we do less.

We really start believing that the cost of Christianity is too high for us, let the younger ones sacrifice, let the younger ones serve.

and the worst part about it is, at a time when we ought to be doing the most for the kingdom of God, we do the least.

For that we ought to be sorry and repent.
God has given us so much for so many but we do so little for so few.
Getting old Sucks, but getting old and selfish sucks even more.

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