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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

An Amazing Story

I was just wondering what some of you though of Lori's story on Sunday. Especially her mothers statement. (I might be paraphrasing a little)
"If I am not worth Loving, Life's not worth Living"

That has haunted me because I think of the number of people who feel as she did.
For me it only shows me that the bible is true.
"The Greatest of these is Charity or Love"

Keep on Loving newLife, give them HOPE!

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  1. the smile on Lori's face when she was getting baptized was priceless! my heart was so thrilled for her. I havent watched her testimony yet but im getting ready to catch up now that im home. She really is an amazing person, Im so happy she has found peace and love from yours truly, OUR PRECIOUS GOD...SJ