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Thursday, March 8, 2012

The Missing Link

Just when I thought we were done, you and God said no. (Not necessarily in that order)

While I am amazed at the number of people who are being freed through forgiveness and Years of suffering and pain are being healed by love, were not all there yet.
While I do not expect 100% I can hope and so I have a question today.

What is the missing link to forgiveness for you?
What do you need to hear and understand?

Let me know


  1. needing to forgive THEMSELVES.... just a thought

  2. To know you want to forgive in your head, to understand why and to want to so bad. I get all that, logically. It's how to feel it in your heart - how to let go and be free. I've never wanted something so bad but I don't know how to make that sick feeling go away in my stomach.

  3. For me, once I understood forgiveness, logically, it then was a choice I made that I would no longer let that what happened rule over my life anymore! I let something change me, even though I didnt deserve it, I let it change me. I was no longer the person that God intended me to be and I remember feeling the exact same way, the sick feeling in your stomach, wanting so bad to forgive and praying about it and saying that I forgave but it didnt change anything in my heart until I asked God to also forgive me for letting what happened change me, I wanted to be ME again!!! If it involves a person it may take you going to that person, as hard as it may be, and telling them that you forgive them. There is always someone that would go with you, you are never alone! Hope this helps.

    1. It does help and I appreciate the input, thank you. I will keep praying.

    2. I will be praying for you too!! I know I had people praying for me!

  4. I thought I had forgiveness mastered... But I realized from your "f-Bomb" series that I was so consumed by the "biggest" evil in my life that I wasn't paying attention to the other evil in my life... The feeling of abandonment from two out of my three parents. While I never got to know my birth mom I am trying to work that out.. because of evil in her life she wasn't there for me and because of evil she was kept out of my life... BUT I am struggling to forgive my dad for letting a lot of evil happen to me... It is hard because I want to hear him say I am sorry for all the times that he knowingly let evil have me, for all the times he just knew something wasn't right but did nothing to stop it...I know I should just forgive him with out having to hear those words but it is just so hard