Jesus loves me this I know. Debra Wants me this I know. My kids appreciate me this I know. My church encourages me this I know. My Life Group cares for me this I know. Everything else I know, I will share with you.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

A Letter to newLife from PRob

For some strange reason we decideded to begin construction on the Auditorium this Sunday. But what I learned from it was worth it. Today I want to share five things I learned from Sunday afternoon.

1. Men and young boys Love to Tear Things Down.

2. Men all think that they have a better way. To tear something down, to organize tearing something down, to tear down someones idea of how to organize how to tear something down. This holds true for those who want their ideas heard to rebuild as well. Can you say "too many chiefs?"

3. Men make a Mess. I guess they all figure there will be a wife someone to pick up after them.

4. Men are Dangerous. The close calls were many but praise God that's all they were.

5. I am so thankful for Men. They heard the call, answered the call, and finished the job!

It was a great thing seeing the men get together, work hard, and accomplish the task at hand. From the cutting to the cleaning they did an awesome job and I am so proud of them all.

Tomorrow I'll talk about the ladies from Sunday.
Thank you all for being behind this ministry.

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