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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Be not Weary

I know for many who serve at newLife, it seems as if there is so much work to do and it takes so much of your time and energy. At times its exhausting and you can even get resentful as it seems as if your the only one serving. So today I want you to know why it matters that you do what you do.

You are not just getting up early – You are going before those who will show up for the first time to meet their Savior.

You are not just setting up the building – You are providing a place for the wounded to come and sit in the lap of their Healer.

You are not “doing church” – You are creating an experience with God for those who have never experienced Him.
For every chair you set out…For every crayon you put in a basket…For every coffee creamer you place in a bowl…For every cable you run under the building to an amp…For every sign you hang…For each and everything your hands commit to you are creating an experience for those to come. You are creating an atmosphere for others to come into and rest. A place for God’s people to enter into to find hope, encouragement, friendship, counsel, healing…life. A safe place for others to meet God.
I know this is hard work and I am exhausted from serving every Sunday. I am told that I need to exercise but what some don't realize is that every Sunday is like doing a week of P90X. And every single drop of sweat is worth it because its about God and those He sent His son to love on.
So whether you hold babies, set up the coffee, turn knobs on the sound board, pray your heart out, greet people or count the money in the upper room, please know that what you do REALLY MATTERS.

I can't wait for Sunday.

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