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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Sloth and the Critic

I have noticed something about the church world. I know it might be in other places but due to the life I live I don't get out much. But what I have noticed is the large number of critics who feel called to the ministry of correction. (not to be confused with the ministry of reconciliation. 2 Cor 5:17)

It doesn't matter what it is, if someone says it or does it, there will be a critic for it.

Now Critics rarely come out and admit to this calling but have no shame in fulfilling this ministry.
It might come in the form of a blog post. (Always taking things out of context for their text because they have no original thoughts of their own)
It might come in the form of a side comment thinly shaded as a joke. (The joke is a cover for their critical calling because their too ashamed to just say it)
or it might come in the form of an old fashioned open rebuke.
All in all these men and women feel a God calling to their ministry of correction.

But know this.....

Critics Critique because they can't or won't do.
Lets be honest, its easier to judge someone for their faults than to actually encourage them to walk by faith.
Its easier to critique what another says than to share the gospel.
Its easier to critique what the church is or is not doing than it is to do something about it.

and the truth is the Critics Critique because their slothful.
I do not Pastor a Large church by any means, but the truth is if I am doing the ministry of reconciliation I don't have time to complain and attack what anyone else is saying or doing. I say this because I also know that Critics cause so much harm as their words hurt those who work so hard at trying to reconcile men unto God. and often they discourage people from even trying because who wants to give their life to something and have a critic tear bits and pieces of it apart.

I think Jesus said it best to Peter when Peter was critiquing Johns life when He said, "What is that to thee, Follow Thou Me" John 21:22.

And so I am not criticised by critiquing the critic, let me help you learn how to deal with them.

1. Recognize a critic does not do. Nuff Said
2. Realize a critic by nature is critical. They always see things their way and its the only way and they don't care about any other way meaning they don't care about YOU.
3. Respond to a critic in three ways.
           Listen to what they are saying without making it personal. There might be "some" truth in what they are saying.
           Pray for them. God called us to the ministry of reconciliation not correction and those who believe they are called to critique are outside of Gods will for Christians.
           Separate from them. Critics care for themselves. You cant make them like you and the only way they will is if you worship their criticisms by obeying them. Jesus never hung around the critics but the compassionate.
4. Surround yourself with people who have invested their love into your life and listen to them. Critics don't invest they infest and no one needs a critical infestation in their life. How negative. People who have invested their love into you will lovingly correct, will be working with you not against you, and will be doing right themselves.

If your a critic, shut up, get off your computer and get busy. If you've got time to critique you've got time to reconcile someone to God.

If your criticised, keep working. There is nothing like a soul saved and a heavenly response to silence the critics. (Luke 15:10)

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