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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Five things I Must do to Love 2012

#1 You will need to Stop Listening to negative people but try and hear what God is possibly saying through them to You. People are not the enemy, Satan is (Ephesians 6:12) and yet throughout the bible God often uses that negative person to motivate Gods people to movement. (David and Goliath)

#2 You will want to Start Listening to anyone who is positive about Jesus, the Church, and You. Its so easy to complain about Christianity, the church and even your own life when there are so many amazing things happening. The greatest experiences I had in 2011 came when I was with people who Loved Jesus, the Church, and me.

#3 Take a Huge Step of Faith. The reason Christians and churches die is because they never get out of the boat. (Matthew 14:29) Do you really want to begin your year without Anticipation and live it without Celebration?

#4 Your going to have to get your eyes off of others and onto Yourself. Who you are in Christ and what He has called you to accomplish for Him this year. Most people will waste 2012 comparing themselves to others, complaining about others, and crying about others instead of Living for others.

#5 Your going to have to spend more Time communicating with God than man. More time on your face in prayer than face book. More time in the text of the bible than texting LOL. More time talking to real people who need ministering than watching reality TV. The sign of a weak spiritual life is the fear you feel when you  lock up your computer, lose your phone, or the cable goes out. When Pacific Power is your God your year will be powerless.

If you hear God's voice, you know your never alone, your always loved, and your walking with the creator of the world. Look back on 2011 and ask yourself how much better your year could have been.

A year of hearing God through the negativity instead of the negativity.
A year of being around people who know how to love God, others and you.
A year of experiencing God in new and amazing ways.
A year of learning about Gods love for you through His plans for you.
A year of power through a real relationship with God and others by allowing your God relationship to be your base on which all other relationships are built.

I am gonna Love 2012!

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