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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Cover Your Mouth!!!!!!!!

I hate colds.
It's not just being sick, but that it's an annoying sick.
Annoying in that your nose runs all the time, breathing hurts, and you just generally feel gross. And worse of all, annoying in that colds are so easily preventable.

If your getting sick, rest.
Stay germ free by washing your hands.
Eat properly.
If you cough or sneeze do so into your own arm.

This week Debra and I attended a conference for sick Pastors.
They stated that 90% of Pastors do not finish the course of their life well.
I took it as if a Pastor does not finish well, how would thrived church finish?

If I have a cold, hang around me too much and you'll probably get sick too.

I am walking away from this conference with the understanding that I need to be healthier aa a Pastor.

1. I need to rest more.
A. Physically
B. Emotionally

If I am going to finish well.

2. I need to wash more.
A. Be more aware of my own Spiritual health.
I. more time in personal prayer and bible study rather than people prayers and sermon prep.

3. I need to eat better, more healthy.
For me this is more than more bible study or book reading, but meditating on what I am getting from God.

4. I need to be more aware of my own sin, and repent of it.
Even our bad attitudes can spray filth on those around us infecting them with our bad day.

newLife I want to be healthy and finish well.
I don't want to end up a statistic or a sick man embittered and battered by the work of God.
And I definitely want our church to be coldless.

Pray for me as I begin this journey of health to finish well.
I'll share more as I travel.

Have an awesome day tomorrow!

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