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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

When not being Lustful is difficult

When I was a younger man, if I saw something I wanted, I got it.
It didn't matter if I could afford it or not.
It didn't matter if I needed it or not.
If I saw it, and I wanted it, I got it.
It didn't matter what others said, not even God.
My flesh wanted it and wanted it so bad that it would go to any length to get it.

This is the Lust of the flesh in its most basic form.

But what happens when you don't allow the flesh to lead you?
How are decisions made?
I know I know your all going to say Pray about it and that is true, but there are some decisions that are difficult because there is no clear bible explanation and so the answer could easily come from what my flesh is telling me and not God.

and here is the Answer. Wait.
If your not clear in what you ought to do, wait. Don't do anything.

Most of the time if I wait, my flesh will change its desires leaving me a clearer understanding of God's definite leading.
I may make the same decision I would have before, but it will be without my sinful flesh leading the way. And even if I miss out on what I wanted, I am better off to miss a good deal than to be damaged by a bad one.

Wait, I know its hard, but wait.
Not all decisions are easy, but the hardest ones are the ones you've made wrong. Just ask anyone struggling with debt, felt the sting of divorce, or felt the pain of being dumb.

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