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Thursday, November 3, 2011

More Amazing than I could imagine

Just when you think that God is doing Amazing things, they get more amazing.
In yesterday's post I spoke of some of the many volunteers in our church who willingly jumped at the chance to serve a family in their time of grief.
But I was even more shocked to see three of our men show up to serve as well.

All three of them took time off of work.
Took time off of work.
Took time off of work.
       In this Horrible Economy
       With their own families in need
       Without any question
Took time off of work to come and serve.

I know that I should not be shocked at this type of selflessness, but in an age where selfishness is a virtue, selflessness is of great value.

This all makes me wonder, what is God about to do in Astoria with these kinds of selfless servants running around?

I can't wait for Sunday to find out!

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