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Thursday, November 10, 2011

A Wake Up Call from Apple

Thanks to the many loving members of newLife I was a able to purchase an I-Pad to help with the Ministry. And amazing as it is, right out of the box, it doesn't work.
So after spending a few hours on the phone I have to return it.

That's not the problem.
It is Apples Arrogance.

One, that they would sell something so valuable that doesn't work, yet believe its the best on the market.
Two, that they would assume that waisting my time is the price I would pay to own their product.
and Three, that they would not be embarrassed and apologetic for their arrogance and change.

and it was a Wake Up Call.

We have the most valuable message in the world and believe its the best on the market.
We assume that the way we do church is so desirous by people that they would put up with poorly put together services, messages, and ministries because their members.
And rather than change to make the work we do Representative of the Value of the message, we arrogantly assume people just need to buy it.

I have no desire today to hammer on other ministries or to address other Pastors faults.

I as a Christian, have the most valuable message in the world. It is not just the best, but the Only Message that Saves men's souls from sin.
I as a Pastor, cannot assume to waist peoples time with a poor presentation of that message, but must study to shew myself approved, be bold in its delivery, and stay focused on the work at hand.
I as a Member of newLife, must desire excellence in all ministries as everything we do is reflective of that message.

I want people to believe in Jesus.
I want Jesus to be King in every home.
I want Jesus stickers to be on the back of every ones car.
I want people to want to come to church because Christ is Valued and so are they.

There are enough Arrogant Churches and Christians who like Apple assume that they are the best.
But the proof is in the service call.

Time for more change newLife. Its gonna be good

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