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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Another Amazing Day in the Life

I can't say enough good about those who serve newLife and yesterday proved it once again. Let me explain.

One of our beloved members passed away this weekend.
Mary Dowell had been a faithful member for years but for the past couple has struggled with Alzheimer's and has not been able to attend. She went to be with the Lord on Saturday afternoon.
Praise God.

Yesterday we finalized the funeral for today. Yes you got it, for today, yesterday.

I needed a Pianist. Khayla Cave, though struggling with the early stages of pregnancy willingly volunteered.

I needed a Soloist. Christa Jasper, through a mother of young children and never singing the song before willingly volunteered.

I needed a Soundest. (a Sound man) Rick Lawrence, though working a full time job, willingly volunteered.

Without hesitation.
Without making excuses.
Without complaining.
They volunteered to serve others.

Amazed? Yes and no.
Yes, because for all three of them real sacrifice is involved.
No, because that's the heart of a people who have the heart of God.

Another Amazing Day with Amazing People serving an Amazing God

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