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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

What is your Business?

In the message Sunday I mentioned something that I was going to blog about, but for the life of me I can't remember what it was.

I remember Anthony saying the word Brain Fart from the Platform. (For all of you who can't handle that I am sorry)

I remember how Khristie Dhalke Sang out with such beauty and passion. (She was behind me)

I remember Garth raising His hand in admission to being different and at times difficult.

But I do not remember my part.
and I think that there is a problem with this.

I wonder how different our life experience would be if we started paying more attention to how we act, think, and are, than we do about others.
Many of us have a problem remembering our sinfulness, but struggle to forget others.

People in Churches are notorious for judging others without judging themselves first.
Pastors Love to attack others, but never think that maybe their attack is as evil as those to whom they are attacking.

What if we were more concerned with remembering what we do?  Rather than dwelling on someone who wrongs us we dwell on how we deal with it. Rather than worrying about what someone else is doing we stay mindful on what we are doing.

Before Jesus left the earth for Heaven, He told Peter in John 21 to feed the Lords sheep.
Three times Jesus questioned Peters love and loyalty finally frustrating Peter to the Point of anger. Then, once Peter had finally stated that He loved Jesus and would serve Him, Peter says, what about John? To which Jesus replies to Him and us this morning.

"If its my will that He waits till I come, What is that to you? Follow Me!"

We would do well to remember our responsibilities, and worry less about others.

Have an Awesome Day


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