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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A Letter from Pastor A to newLife

Never in a million years did I ever think I would see what I saw Sunday.
It was Amazing!
I know others saw it, but I don't think they understood the significance of it.
But I saw it, and it made this Sunday the best Sunday I have ever had in church.

You may have missed it if you left right after church.
You may have missed it if you were consumed with a conversation.
You may have missed it if you were a guy.
But I saw it and am glad I didn't miss it.

What was it?
Nothing really to the casual observer of Christianity but everything to me.
So much that I have a renewed hope that Christians can actually be Christ like.
It was awesome.

What was not?
Nothing but Hayley Clark trying on a prom church.
I know, wasn't it awesome.

You still don't see it do you?
Well let me explain it the way I saw it.

One of our young women felt so loved by her church family, and was so confident that she would not be judged by anyone negatively, had the desire to share one of the most important times in her life with her church family.

Her dress was stunning as well as modest. (for you who might be prejudging) and she was beaming. There were Ladies were running up to the corner room where she had changed and when she came out she was surrounded by encouraging Godly women who showed their love and support of WHO Hayley was.

Of course she is a newLife girl so she was gorgeous, but for me, I saw a Christian feel loved and Christians love her and it was good.

A Beautiful Girl capping off a Beautiful Day with a Beautiful Church for a Beautiful God.

Now I have to find something else to doubt so that God can prove His presence and power in our church and lives.

What do you think is never going to happen in a million years?
Post it and we will pray about it and see God do amazing things together.

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  1. This was an awesome moment and I was honored to be a part of it with a young lady that I love dearly! There's nothing better than seeing christians loving one another!