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Thursday, May 12, 2011

None but Jesus

The question has been asked of late, what is worship?
Some say its the song service a church has.
Others say its the way you live your life every day.

I don't know where we get these ideas, as the bible does not directly use the word worship in the way we do. But I do know, what I have often thought of as worship, is not.

I do know that it is an act.
Something that is done in response to someone or something.

I also know that worship is a matter of the heart and not the hands.
Its not what we do, but something that's in response to what He has done.

and so I came to this simple thought.

Worship is nothing more than Showing the Value we place Jesus.

In every church service we ought to show the Value we place on Jesus.
In every song, every testimony, every offering, every prayer, every statement, every scripture our worship is dictated by our value of Jesus Christ.

In every day of a Christians life we ought to show the Value we place on Jesus.

In the start of Every Day we ought to Show our Value we place on Jesus as we Pray and Read His word.

In the act of Every Day we ought to Show our Value we place on Jesus as we love others, forgive those that wrong us, and reject the sin we are tempted with in preference to a relationship with Jesus.

In the end of Every day we ought to Show the Value we place on Jesus as we praise Him for the Love He gave us, the life He led us to, and the learning we gained by walking with Him. So that at the end of every day, Jesus has been worshipped in Spirit and in Truth.

How have you Worshipped?
Who is Jesus to you?
What place does He hold in your life?

I do know that we will worship that which we place the highest value on.
What is of more value than Jesus?
and How are your Expressing that Value?

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