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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Just not Feeling it

Let me begin this morning by saying, I am happy that Justice was served towards Usama Bin Laden. The bible is clear about such things.

And I understand Americas reaction to it. UBL brought our country alot of pain. Because of the actions of this one man, many lives were changed forever.

But our reaction kind of reminds me of how the Jews reacted when Jesus was Crusified. UBL is no Jesus, don't even go there, but our response to a man dying is a little disheartening.

Right now, to some peoples pleasure, Usama Bin Laden is feeling the pains of Hell.
For Eternity he will be seperated from God.
He will never feel love
He will never feel mercy.
He will never feel grace.
He will never feel freedom.

I just can't rejoice about that.
I can't facebook it.
I can't sing about it.
I can't really talk about it.

I asked God to save Him back in 2001.
My Prayer was answered and its a no.

I am happy justice has been served.
I am sad about the sentence that had to be carried out.
and Sadder, that others, others who may not have done as much evil as UBL, but have still sinned against God, will join him in hell.

unlike UBL, Jesus rose from the dead
and so, I will save my celebration for those who enter heaven through Jesus.
That's when I will sing, that's when I will rejoice in Justice being done.

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