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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Just when you think you got it............You Don't

This past Sunday was interesting for me mainly because I got the opposite reaction that I thought.
I thought this was a "charge up the Hill and take it" type of message, but for many, it was more of an ....I am not sure this is what I signed up for message.

Here is what I heard from people:
     I don't see where Ester was being selfish
     It was cut throat (this person was truly being positive)
     That was blunt

and it made me wonder, do people really want everything in parables?
Does it make us feel better to believe we are believers even though we don't really believe?
Are messages that tickle better than messages that touch?

I really thought that we had moved forward as a body of believers but I wonder if I have to bring out the carton of milk again?

But wait, I'm not done yet because I also heard something else.
I heard the old angry Baptist reaction as well.
You know the one that does not allow the Holy Spirit to work in peoples hearts but rather we must TELL PEOPLE what they ought to do.

Some days you wake up and wonder, can we make it?
Can we really become the church God always intended or will we forever be pulled back by people who use God for their Glory and not for His?

I know what your thinking and I agree...........
Yes We Can!

So don't give up, don't give in, and don't give away the opportunity God has given us for such a time as this.
As long as people are in bondage to their sins and believe that religion is real we have work to do.

Lets go and Save some Lives Today    

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