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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Blink, and it can all change

Yesterday one of our members was injured on the job by a log wrapper. In case you don't know what that is just think of 30 foot of wire with three foot of heavy chain on both ends.

They use it to bind logs together on a Log truck so that the logs don't come off. But to get them over the logs you must throw them over by hand.

So as one truck driver winds up to throw the wrapper over his load, Jack, our member bent over to pick up a binder and got caught in the face with the back swing.

He's OK, other than stitches, hard time in Emergency rooms, and trauma to the eye. He can see, He will heal, but He will hurt.

One second your just doing your job, the next, your bleeding, blind, and have broken your glasses.

or One second your just getting ready to throw your binder and whack, you've blinded someone.

Life is that way.

The Question is, how will you deal with it?
How do you handle life when it changes?

Jack gave an amazing illustration of it yesterday.

He handled it with grace.
He was not upset with God
He was not upset with Darwin. (the guy swinging the wrapper)
He was not angry, grumpy, stressed.
He just hurt and sought medical attention to ease the pain. (

How different would our lives be if when thrown a negative, rather than return one, we seek relief. Rather than complain about how inconvenient it all is, we just seek comfort from those around us who we have put in our lives for that reason.

Just a thought, do you have people in place for these life changing Emergencies?
Your Spouse, Your Children, Your Church? and do you focus on them, (at least one eye for Jack) or do you focus on the pain?

Thanks Jack, I needed to see (sorry I can't help myself) this amazing illustration of how to handle life change.

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