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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A Letter from PRob (thanks Doney Family)

Hey newLife, there are several things that I want to share with you this morning.

#1 Sunday was Amazing. I would like to say there are only a few of them a year but we have got to make this a weekly thing. Five new members, Three Baptisms, and more coming next Sunday.

#2 The message was perfect for our church. I truly believe that people are seeing that being a Christian is the best decision they have ever made giving them the best life they could ever live.

#3 Its awesome to truly feel as if we are worshipping God through song from the depths of our souls. Love it.

#4 The people God has given us are amazing. Watching the children move during the song service, Singing Happy Birthday to Forrest and Brittney with Kai, Celebrating the Baptisms and just seeing people happy to be together. Priceless!

#5 And there is one reason all of this is happening and we will talk about it tomorrow so be ready.

Thank you for loving God and others, this is a good season for our church.

What did you think about Sunday? Leave a comment to encourage us.

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  1. I was SO excited to come to church Sunday morning I prayed that the Smith family would join our body not knowing that they were the family joining...Chris's excitment over her baptism got me excited I wanted to jump up and down praising God...You were agging the congregation on to be excited and the more you did it the more excited they got! I just wanted to shout Hallelujah...Excited my daughter is back serving God...excited that our worship team is praising God...excited that Susan and Kai and family are there...excited that we had an older couple who absolutely loved the hearing the little ones sing...excited that even though the slides were wrong God didn't care we didn't care the music flowed! Anthony is doing a GREAT job getting the people excited about singing the Hillards were back...Miss Elsie has been there two weeks in a row...DJ is herself...excited Tim and Misty and family got to be a part of the service if only for a few minutes...God is going to do a miracle Dale will live on in life or death whatever God chooses He will be glorified! Whew...rambling...ENTHUSIASM pure and simple...