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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

How to Help the Pastor be the worst!

Today I just wanted to share some thoughts on the best way you can get the worst out of your Pastor. Tomorrow I will share how to help the Pastor be the Best!

1. Complain. About anything. No matter how small make sure your voice is heard! The Pastor in any church is only doing the best He can with every aspect of the ministry and sometimes the best is not up to your standard. So let everyone know.

2. Call him at your Convieniece. He has nothing else to do right? He only works two days a week and doesn't have to work nights like the rest of us. And His family is in the ministry as well, so they don't mind the phone going off all the time.

3. Be Confrontational. We have every right to challenge authority.

4. Care only for you. The Pastors the only one getting any benefit out of this thing. He gets the Praise, the paycheck, the pats on the back, and the peoples attention. Why shouldn't I get mine?

5. Make Him Cut first. He's the one whose called. Were just volunteering.

6. Don't Keep your Commitments! I mean there are more important things than the Church. And he will understand, Right?

7. Choose whatever Church you Want! I realize that He says that God sets the members in the body but God doesn't understand how unhappy I am here.

While I realize that very few people really think this way outwardly, I do believe that at times we do inwardly. and its these inward thoughts that betray the truth of our heart.

These things only cause the Pastor to fight against the church instead of fighting the real battle.
Against Satan.
Help your Pastor be the Best He can be, and don't do these things.

Tomorrow I will have a list of seven things you can do to make your Pastor the Best He can be!

Have an awesome day. and Pray for Dale

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