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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Amazing Sunday, but Amazing Sadness

Sunday was a great day.
To see the faces of those getting baptized, to hear the Excitement and cheers of those who love Jesus Christ Praise God for that simple step of faith is enough to excite even the coldest of Christians.

But, and I hate to add that, But, after the service I was approached by a man from out of town, a Pastor of another church, who was greatly offended at our services and felt called upon by his god (little g) to rebuke me in the foyer.

He was angry, judgemental, bitter, calloused, arrogant, and His wife did not seem any happier.

Souls Gladly received the word of God, Souls were baptised, and Souls were added to the church. (see Acts 2:41) this past Sunday, but all this man could do is question our doctrine.

Why don't you have a Sunday Night Service? (Doctrine?)
Why don't you wear a suit? (Doctrine)
How long will it be before this group, yes he called you a group, is charismatic. (if that means happy we are, if it means speaking in tongues we aren't.)

and while I tried to encourage him to look at the fruit of our labors, he focused on his form of doctrine.

If what we teach, leads people to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ..........
If what we teach, leads people to obey the word of God in Baptism and faithful church attendance..........
If what we teach, leads people to study the scriptures and pray one for another.......
If what we teach, leads people to Love God, and Love others are we not teaching correct doctrine?

What we are teaching is leading people to become like Christ, but this man, did not show any love for God nor others.

and so I came to this.

If the "Doctrine" that created this Pastors Christianity is what he wants me to preach,
And the result is arrogance, judgementalism, and self-righteousness, Ill take what we have been teaching and the fruit of Love, Life, and Liberty.

I love our Church.
I have never been more excited to be around people who sincerely trust God, honestly love God, and openly share God.

and I think Highly of our People. Its your labor of Love that has resulted in the past months blessings. Your love of God and others has resulted in souls being saved and lives being changed!

It was an Amazing Sunday, but I am very sad for this man, whose anger kept him from rejoicing in the work of God in Astoria. Please pray for Pastor Bo and his wife Jamie that they might one day be free to rejoice in the work of God.

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