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Monday, July 7, 2014

Never Surrender

I just want to thank all of you who served at newLife yesterday. It was a great day in the Lord. 

Those who came in had such a wonderful spirit. I loved hearing the laughter and seeing the excitement in peoples eyes as they entered the building and began to gather together preparing to meet with their God.

The worship was amazing. Not just because of the great skill in which it was played, nor the passion in which it was led, but in the simplicity of people meeting with God. At one point I wondered if Jesus Himself had walked into the room.

While I am my greatest critic when it comes to the sermon, what I felt about it is insignificant. But it seemed that by the end there was a great awakening to the idea of the Rock and our inability to move it creating a greater need for God to help us. It was as if a door to the hearts of those in attendance was opened, but not by my words but by His work. 

Some thought that yesterday would be a low day. Many believed it would be a day to surrender. But newLife is not giving up on ONE day in 2014. Every day is an opportunity for God to do the miraculous.

Never Surrender

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