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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Could it be a Rabbit?

I am finding that the older I get, the more I struggle with focus.
My eyes just don't seem to work the way they did when I was younger.
But its not only my eyes, my mind as well wanders way more than it did when I was 35.
Things are blurry, furry and at times fuzzy which is very dangerous.

(Now I know why old men drive so slowly)

The danger of poor sight is it effects our ability to make right decisions in life.
It causes us to rely more on feelings not facts, guessing and not God.
Add to this problem a friend who councils you who is as blind or ignorant to a situation as you are and you have a recipe for failure.

Hence Clarity has become a highly valued commodity in my life.
As a Christian, we have been gifted with three things that bring us clarity.

#1 The Holy Spirit
#2 The Holy Scriptures
#3 The Holy Man

The Holy Spirit guides us into all truth. (John 16:13, John 14:26)
The Holy Scriptures guides us with all truth. (Psalm 119:105, 130)
The Holy Man guides us to understand all truth. (Jeremiah 3:15)
This Holy Man is more than just the Pastor of your church, but the husband in your home, a father of children.

In a day when everything seems so out of focus we need men who will be led of the Spirit of God, by the Scriptures of God, to open the eyes of those without God to the truth of God.

The older I am getting, the more value I place on those things that give me clarity.
The Holy Spirit, the Holy Scriptures, and Holy Men of God who by working together stay off of rabbit trails and follow the path God has for us.

Today, My prayer is for men and women to be focused on what God's plan is for them for this day. That they may see Him clearly in the beauty of His creation, know His will through the light of His word, and love Him passionately because their eyes have beheld their God.

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