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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Trust or Rust

I love to read other Pastors and Churches Blogs.
It helps me to see that our church is definitely not an island.
These five points came from a church planters blog and his thoughts on the beginning of their church. (In 12 days)

What is funny about these points is that they are very similar to what I learned on my trip as I contemplated my future in ministry.

Here's his thoughts:

I. If I’m not having fun it probably means I’m trusting more in me than Him.

2. If I’m thinking more about what could go wrong than what might go right, I’m probably trusting more in me than Him.

3. If I’m not sleeping well, ditto.

4. If I’m not taking care of my health and carving out time to exercise, same thing.

5. If I’m not fully present with my wife and my kids, I’m trusting more in me than Him.

I could not imagine the personal pressures of a pastor in this position.
What if no one comes?
What if no one tithes?
What if EVERYONE comes but I lose my Health or even worse, my family to the ministry?

Its so easy to trust in our selves for a while, but so much more enjoyable to trust in God.

Trusting in God allows us to not worry about the outcome but enjoy the opportunity.
Trusting in God allows us to think about the things God will do. (Eph 3:19-20)
Trusting in God allows us to rest knowing its more important to Him than me.
Trusting in God allows me to care for me physically to Honor Him rather than care for them physically honoring me.
Trusting in God allows me to live life the way God intended, focused more on my wife and children than on work, worries, and whys.

I am excited for the people of Gwinnet Church as their Pastor has learned something priceless before he even starts.

Trust God and not ourselves. (2 Corinthians 1:9)

How about you today, are you trusting or slowly rusting?

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