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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Its no Assumption, Its real

Yesterday Debra and I met with a young lady who has been attending our church for a while. She wanted to meet to let me know what has been going on in her life.

Forgive me but I thought that it was going to be a counseling session.
She is an amazing woman who has been through a whole lot in her life and so I assumed that I would be helping her with her future in relation to our God.

But I was so wrong and if anything it was a counseling session for Debra and I.

Through life circumstances and great pain, she came face to face with God and when she came into the office it was like seeing Moses after coming down off of the mount of God.
Her face just shined of the Love of God.
and all of the Jesus stuff, became Real.

Debra and I were shocked, not at the fact that Jesus could do this, but that the evidence of Sundays message was displayed so clearly in front of us.


and so is God.

What's the Point?
I think we believe that all that we do in church is kind of real but not really. I mean we spend so much time sharing the love of God with so many rejecting it or making religion out of it that we assume that few will make it real.

Oh no, this woman was clear evidence of someone living the abundant life in Christ.
Though she has lost so much in life, the love she has received from God has given her more than she could ever imagine.

And there are so many more out there like her. They come in and cry and leave. They are under pressures we've long forgotten about and have problems we've solved years ago.
Lets not assume they need anything but our Love because if there is one thing that cannot be denied, faked, or fooled, its Love.

1 Corinthians 13:8 Charity never faileth: "its always real"

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