Jesus loves me this I know. Debra Wants me this I know. My kids appreciate me this I know. My church encourages me this I know. My Life Group cares for me this I know. Everything else I know, I will share with you.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Zipper 2

I know that this sounds funny, but thanks to the Internet, I fixed the Zipper on my Jacket.
It just needed a little crimping as it had gotten too loose to bind the zips together. (I know there called teeth but zips is funner)

I think this is true in my life right now, I need a little crimping as its been a tough road the last few years.

52 Days of Change and Our Great Transition (ask someone if you don't know) and the loss of friends and church members who did not like the change.
Georges Death
Dales Cancer
Debra's Surgery and long recovery
Decembers Revival (30 members added to the church in a four month period)
Dales Death
Debra's Surgery 2 and her infection scare.

My Zipper is a little loose or you could say, I've lost some zip.
and so when I was able to fix my zipper on my jacket it gave me hope.

How about you, Tired of the Journey? Weary of the battle?
Maybe you too need to find a way to put the crimp in your zipper?

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