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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Dangerous Steps

Who could forget the bible story of Daniel and the Lions den? It was one of my favorites as a Child. The imagery of this innocent young man being falsely accused and placed on deaths door only to miraculously be protected. Then through the providence of God the bad guys all get eaten up. Love it.

But lets not forget.

Daniel was in this position because he was Faithful. (Verse 3)
Daniel was in this position because he was Fearless. (Verse 10)

It was Daniels Prayer life that got him noticed but also got him in trouble. I say this because I believe that most people think that their prayer lives ought to get them out of trouble but to be honest many times it only leads us to more.

Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego prayed BEFORE going into the Fiery furnace
Daniel Prayed BEFORE going into the lions den.
Jesus Prayed in the Garden, BEFORE going to the Cross.

I know that it was their prayer that protected them, but prayer didn't keep them from having to live by faith. And this made me wonder.

What difficult circumstance are you about to be led INTO and then THROUGH by prayer? What area of FAITH are you seeking God about that will end up with a Miraculous Provision through prayer?

Or are your prayers kept until a Lion is standing on your chest, or your already in the fiery furnace, or your already hanging on the cross.

Daniels prayer life was one that led him into danger, not just through it and its this prayer life that changed the heart of a king.

That should be our prayer ~ Lord, Lead me into a Step of Faith to show your Faithfulness.

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  1. Awesome! We need to be praying and doing battle as we head into this next month of seeing people freed from satans hold of shame on them... these prayers are gonna "get us into trouble" but WHHOOO when we come out the other side!