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Monday, October 21, 2013

Dads Study Chapter 4

How can anyone say that the bible is boring? Seriously, chapter four of Daniel is what blockbuster movies are made of.

The Greatest King ever to Live has a horrible dream. He dreamed of a Great Tree where the world was fed and kept safe under its shade. But then a "Watcher" came down from heaven can cut the tree down. He understood that the tree was himself and that the "Watcher" told that he was going to be changed into a beast to humble him to accept who the TRUE God is.

Really, this is good stuff.

The Kings pride led the dream to come true and soon he was eating grass for seven years until he humbled himself before God, to which by the grace of God, the king was restored to his kingdom

Daniel interpreted the dream perfectly but was able to because of Daniels Character and Connection with God.

Every human being is prideful and many like the King believe that they are godlike. You see it in how they live. Its as if they don't even need Him. But unlike the King, there are few Daniels whose Character and Connection with God cause those to whom God might be speaking with to be sought out.

That is our lesson for today. We who are believers, who are faithful (chap 3), who are prayerful (chap 2), and who are standing up for God (chap 1) ought to have the kind of faith life that exhibits the kind of Character and Connection with God that leads others to seek us out when God is speaking to their hearts.

It ought to be the cry of our hearts to see those to whom God has humbled through difficult life circumstances restored unto a new life through the Love of God and that our faith in Him is so trustworthy that we would be sought out as a part of it.

I love this book!

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