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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Dads Study Chapter 3

As I kid, this was one of my favorite bible stories as it contained all of the necessary parts to an exciting time in the word of God.
There was the Enemy ~ Certain Chaldean's in verse 8
A Prideful King ~ Nebuchadnezzar
Three innocent young men ~ Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego.
A Popular Band ~ verse 5
A dangerous situation ~ Fiery Furnace
A showdown ~ False god verses True God

and while most of us know the story and how it turned out, what do we know about these young men that would encourage us to hear more from God?

#1 They were Faithful ~ The would not bow down to a false god
#2 They had Faith ~ Verses 17-18

Real Faith
Not situational faith

What can we learn from their faith? There are things that are more important than life.
Their faith led them to believe that it was better to be DEAD and OBEDIENT to God, than ALIVE and DISOBEDIENT to Him. They truly believed that it was better to walk with God at the cost of your life than to live for yourself. They knew that God always honored faith and as a result they met Jesus in the midst of the Fire, came out of the Furnace alive, and were promoted by the world.

What a lesson ~ God honors Faith and its this type of faith that God speaks to.

How does your stack up when your tempted to compromise to protect yourself from the flames?

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