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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Dads Study ~ Chapter One

As I shared yesterday that my father had a mini revival occur in his later years as he went through a study of the book of Daniel. It wasn't a study on Prophesy as many seem to do, but was a study of how Daniel received that Prophecy from God. It really was a study on Prayer. and with that lets begin.

Daniel Chapter 1

As we enter this chapter, we find some young men (teens) in a very awkward position. Captive in a foreign land, they are confronted with a change in their diet. For most of us that would be a good thing except the diet of these men was given to them by God. This diet was special to them as it was a form of obedience and the food to which they were being offered was actually foods that were offensive to their God.

What should they do? The King that controlled their lives was the most powerful king on the planet. If he wanted them dead it was as simple as a command. So they knew that they either had to comply or die.

What could they do? Oh the pressure. I am sure they heard all the things we hear today when we try to live by faith. "Everyone else is doing it" "So what, if God cared you wouldn't be in this position" With their country left in ruins, and their nation all but destroyed many said, "Who will know or care if we compromise?"

They felt that pressure, but these young men chose to hold on to their beliefs and God honored them. In the end, they were exalted by receiving authority and responsibility in the Kingdom.

Throughout this book the Pressure to compromise never lessened, but they never gave in.

What can we learn from this chapter?
If you want to hear from God, you will need to decide that no matter what pressure you face you will stay faithful.

Study your bible and you will see how many who compromised lessened their usefulness to God while those who stayed faithful especially in the midst of difficulties were rewarded with a closer relationship with God.

When it comes to communicating with God, its important to remain faithful no matter the pressure you face to compromise.
When someone says it doesn't matter, it does to God.
When you hear, "God forsake you, give up" know its a lie.
When you get tired, scared, weary, worn down and want to give in to the flesh, please, HOLD ON. Don't Let Go. God will never leave you nor forsake You.
God is there, no matter the temptation.

This is not about God showing up but God already being there. For these young men, they knew that no matter what was going on in their lives, God still LIVED and LOVED them.

This lead to even greater communication with God.

Step one to Hearing from God ~ Stand Up for God and Stay True to His word

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  1. Wow Pastor... glad to see you're blogging again, and may I say this website is amazing! Read these Daniel blogs backwards, but can't wait for more.... especially Chap 10, my favorite!!