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Monday, September 16, 2013


This morning I was thinking about something that God led me to years ago in ministry and I thought that this morning I would reiterate it.

Ducks run with Ducks.
Its not that ducks can't run with geese, but they tend to prefer ducks.

Species tend to have fellowship and relationship with each other because of a commonality.

and this is as true in the world of men as it is in the animal world.

People who are Faithful tend to be drawn to faithful people.
People who are Hopeful tend to be drawn to hopeful people.
People who Love tend to be drawn to loving people.

While they might not always agree with each other, their commonality overrides their attitude towards each other, keeping them together.

and it made me think. Who has been cozying up to you?
Who is following, listening, communicating with you?
And what kind of Person are you drawn to?

I think that it says a lot about not who you think you are, but who you really are. I see this in Church life and I am always surprised that people don't recognize that the duck their running with or whose running to you speaks to who YOU are.

So today might be a good day to check out the kind of people to whom you have in your life and ask if they reflect positively on the Jesus you also claim to run with.


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